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An independent communications agency with an essence of vibrancy and innovativeness, we at Mindfleck pledge to perform meticulously as a cluster of creativeness with unrivalled knowledge and deep rooted understanding, what sets us ahead above the rest is our unique service we offer and the tangible results we deliver .

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At Mindfleck we conceive, develop and activate digital communications, improvising PR relations, Brand Strategy Positioning, Events, Strategy marketing planning, content marketing, Ad film making, Online Newspaper TV Ads, Web Development & Media Design, Advertising firm with astonishing ideas and utilizing profound productiveness to amplify brands so that we can drive measurable results.

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Mindfleck helps client’s vision turn into reality if you’re looking for a fresh pioneering approach that ensures you that can stand out from the crowd; Mindfleck is one of the best places that deliver you qualitative result. We’ve been creating pivotal moments-in-time for brands and their audiences, we collaborate to kindle ideas and make the impossible possible.

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At Mindfleck we believe in planning and implementing strategies that work hard in gaining maximum exposure for all our clients, our utmost priority is efficiently position the brand so that we can deliver a result of contentment and gradually evolve as a brand. At our heart is a dedication of relentlessly pursuing breakthrough ideas to be sustainable, commercial and awe inspiring.


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Your success depends on a strategy that is well developed and well executed. It is not just about what you plan or choice but also about a plan that is well executed. We are the right partner help you building that corporate strategy. We modernise your business strategy help move forward in the face of stiffening competition. We have the best strategic management consultant services Thinking global - acting local concept.

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Advertising / Ad Shoot

We at Mindfleck initiate one of the finest Ad film making adopting innovational high quality video content and audio visuals, excellent execution and outcome of our imaginativeness provides adequate chance to develop videos of par excellence. We develop a leading edge conceptual plan, compelling script highlighting the key USPs and the brand message outlined by the client that is the reason we stand among the top Corporate Film Makers In Bangalore.

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We adopt finest Brand Strategy Positioning to help you enhance the image of your brand in the mind of the customers, so that they can have a unique impression and give your brand attain a favourable and substantial position in market. We are among the finest Brand Management Company, we believe your brand voices about your identity and who you want to be and our team works efficiently to depict just that.

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Not the same old copy to the same old media buddies, instead, fresh ideas to ever-growing high-net-worth individuals, political and industrial leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists and charity heads. We are a finest PR Company operating in India and UK, who would like to work with you to generate greater awareness, improved credibility and higher sales by carefully creating leverage from your print, online and media appearances..

Strategic Marketing Management
Strategic Marketing Services

Media Planning

We help brands navigate and communicate through today’s complex media landscapes. Our work encompasses every broadcasting and narrow casting medium such as Online Newspaper TV Ads, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax, and internet , we adopt effective mass media planning for which we are among the best Media Planning Company in Bangalore.

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Our prime objective is to make the event convivial and joyous so that the audiences always have an everlasting positive impression. We are among the finest event management companies, after years of experience in this field we constantly host outstanding events in India, UK, Europe & Eastern countries with innovation in our style of interaction, targeting our audiences suitably that helps us create vigour, liveliness and sparkle in the environment.

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Marketing Integration

We have a scrupulous Digital Marketing strategy after years of consideration as one of the finest Digital Marketing Firms In Bangalore, we firmly believe that you can rely on us for our market understanding and presence, you have to form market presence and we have the perfect solution, we at Mindfleck can help you deliver the best outcome and bring about efficient solutions from our thorough learning and understanding.

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Content marketing

The backbone of communication is killer content marketing , our marvellous content hooks the reader and client’s thoroughly , we publish blogs, articles relevant to right prospect we audit your current website and digital materials, newsletters write up’s and proclaim it appropriately for which we stand as one of the Best Marketing Agencies . We work with our clients to identify their business goal with smart, content-driven communications for the right audiences.

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Web Development

The Web Development & Web Design creates attractive and effective bespoke websites; that help you acquire dynamic and productive outcomes we are one of the best Web developing and designing company that adheres to the requirements of the customers so the result obtained is perfect. We initiate first hand design technique that incorporates exceptional, usability, navigation and functionality that showcase the essence of your business.

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Digital & Social Media

We have a tenacious Social Media & Digital Marketing Services team that truly understands social media comprising of all its elements. We adopt creative thinking, digital expertise and all the influencer contacts to get your message out online. We increase your brand recognition and build positive reputation, so that your potential customers would be introduced to the advancement of the social media & digital world for which we are among the top Digital Media Advertising Agency in Bangalore.

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