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I had been looking for a creative Ad Film Making Company in Bangalore that can produce sterling program for my target audience, after serious planning and consideration I got to know about one of the best creative Ad agencies in Bangalore known as Mindfleck Pvt Ltd. The best part about Working in Mindfleck is that work is accomplished in a synchronized way to meet the needs and wants of consumers demand, requests that is fulfilled completely. .

My experience was very satisfactory because their intelligent thinking, applied creativity, elegant design, qualitative production gave me the finest outcome; the best part about working with Mindfleck is that the environment is very creative, trustworthy, detail-oriented that helped me connect with my target audience’s. The high-definition sterling video they produced was very creative, technically flawless, aesthetically beautiful and on message with brilliant content for which Mindfleck is among one of the best Corporate Ad Film Makers. The best thing about working with Mindfleck is they opt to execute integrated marketing strategies that draw on expertise of PR, inbound, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, video production and online advertising. Mindfleck created a seamless video as per my want they helped me develop an immersive, memorable experience for my targeted viewers, they guided me through every step of the shoot, right from the technical requirements of live action, sound making, to video stitching.Read More


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I recently completed my Post Graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication from a reputed college. The intention to take up this course to become Blogger and content writer; I could see my passion and skill since childhood as a writer. Today Content Writing is the core bloodline for Digital Marketing Services, well researched and informative Content write up can reach fast and quicker in Social Media with in few hours. Looking a present trend there is great demand for a content writer, Article writer, and blogger in today’s digital era.

feel my skill and academic background can lead me to become a well-known Professional Writer or Blog Writer. My vision was well defined; I was hunting for Content Writing Company that connects to my vision. As quoted by Gordon B. Hinckley “You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure.” My 1st step in Corporate Content Writing profession is to train myself, train my mind, put myself in a test to check my learning capability, how hard I can push in Writing what extent I can research on the particular/realistic topic to train myself. I was searching for Content Writing Firm / Copywriting Company, through word-of-mouth I got to know Mindfleck Pvt Ltd is one among the Top Content Writing Company providing services to top MNC, Celebrity, Banking services, Educational institution, Pharmaceutical company etc. They are professional and expert in Creating Blogs, Content for Video Advertisement, Radio Ads, Social Media Posts, Press Release, Article Writing for Magazine, Newspaper & Column, Product Reviews, Event Content, Product/Company/Travel Brochures, Promotional Email, and High-Quality Content Writing Services for Web sites. Read More


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Our international fabric and garment sourcing company; known as Lindsey International Li Sourcing had to be re branded, restructured from a very long time I had been searching for an impeccable Responsive Web Development Company, which would help to re brand my firm. Having 2 decades of experience in garments and apparels we had an obsolete, out dated multiple page website which was not competitive in present day virtual scenario. I was looking for a company who can adopt latest trend design techniques and who has the best Responsive Website Designing and Developing Company in Bangalore, after thorough scrutiny I was suggested by a close friend of mine to work with Mindfleck Pvt Ltd. As they have persistently delivered results of Excellency and mind's eye. I was told that their creativeness is unmatched so accordingly we decided to reorganize and re brand my firm through the dedicated and committed help of Mindfleck.

The best part is that the web developers in Mindfleck are committed to develop websites that are well-designed and eye-catching. They provided the finest solution for web hosting services and email hosting based on my investment and business objectives; they set effective techniques to provide qualitative result, as per the plan the quote was also developed exclusively. They use responsive web design techniques a combination of visual creativeness and technical know-how that assures the websites they generated have a proven track record of return on investment. After facing odds and challenges, high end coding was applied for the allotment of dotting of lines that was accomplished proficiently. The dots were carefully aligned in a straight line and the quote was developed exclusively to bring out the finest result. From my understanding I learnt they have a special interest in high-caliber Website Development Services for which they not only design beautiful websites, but also give them a rock solid backbone. In my perspective it is one of the best Web Design Company in Bangalore, as they have all the solution under one umbrella. The brilliant creation of name, logo, and website was meticulously made by the efficient skill of the web developers.

Apart from website I was also looking for branding video material, I was glad to know that they also create corporate advertising and corporate promotional video. They suggested me that they would provide world-class leading edge technique covering every facet of this ever-evolving and diverse creative production process, the very best motion design work for every type of video production. They create high-definition excellent video Production which can be used for broadcasting YouTube whats app and for Websites they produced was very creative, technically flawless and aesthetically beautiful and on message with brilliant content I was so scintillated by Professional Video Shooting Services of Mindfleck as it was the finest for which I felt that I was working with the best Video Production And Making Company that produces video of sterling quality , I was really appalled for the dynamic and highly skilled graphic designing team generated a synergy between creativity and technical know-how, to deliver qualitative results as per my demand in Bangalore. The Professional Video Maker created unique, classy, elegant visual with qualitative copyright sounds; they use cogent Corporate Video Production Services.Read More


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Mindfleck is a prominent, artistic, innovative Corporate Gift Supplying Firm specializes in designing high quality Personalized Corporate Gifts and recommends various gifting theme ideas, crafts at the utmost care and proficiency and determined itself to be a Top Corporate Gifting company. The Corporate world in current time has set a lot of emphasis on improving the reputation of the company so the best creative idea and solution is selecting unique Corporate Gifts for Clients and Employees that help to strengthen the company business. Corporate Business Gifting has become the integral part of the corporate world, Marketing Strategy and Advertisement.

A Leading Corporate Gift Supplying Mindfleck Firm understands the customer expectations and designs the gifts that suit to the company purpose and aim; Gifts are designed using advanced designing tools, unique color patterns that are delivered within the deadline. And our experience Business Corporate Gift supplying team will cater to your requirements with enthusiasm and interest whatsoever the size of gift order may be, we focus on modifying Business Gifts according to your different requirements ans occasions or Events, also keeping in mind the affordability. Corporate Business Gift enhances the company reputation and good will that consists of Brand Name of the company that reinforces the relationship bond with Potential customers and creates the brand awareness in the target audience mind and upsurge the client relationship with the company. Corporate Gifts are given to show Gratitude and concern of the company towards its potential clients and employees.

A Wide-variety of futuristic and trendy Business Promotional Gifts are available at Mindfleck such as T-shirts, coffee Mugs, pen, key rings, display stands, wall clock, bags, wallets, pen holders, desk sign boards, hand bands, umbrellas, flag pole, alumina standee, LED box, Magic mirror, jumbo desk etc.Read More


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Mindfleck is a leading PR Consultancy Firm, zealously focused on building, developing, and increasing the reputation of the client business through providing astonishing collection of Strategic communication and integrated PR Strategies; to improve the clients brand image through constant scrutinizing and recommending Effective PR Strategies modified PR Solutions and provide guidance for the clients to reach out the target audience. In addition, Mindfleck accomplishes to be the Top Public Relation Agencies in Bangalore for delivering Effective PR Services that successfully meet the client’s objectives and goals and helps to build a virtuous relation and rapport between the company and the target audience.

Remarkably fastest growing Mindfleck PR and Marketing Firm main objective is to create interest, stimulate the brand, reinforce the brand, create two-way communications, and establish positive publicity with strategies for the client’s company that establishes and maintains the goodwill. We pledge to deliver the Best PR Strategies and guidance to the clients, help in handling the communication flow of information through providing well-crafted PR Strategic information, and project favorable image of the organization in the target audience mind to drive more constructive results.

High-end Luxury Brand, Elite Rooftop pub and restaurant etc. Mindfleck Pvt Ltd has delivered best positive outcomes of PR Strategies and Campaigns that helps the company to improve the reputation and also enhances the brand equity that consequently contributes to the success of the company.Read More


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We at Mindfleck Pvt Ltd provide you with lots of Promotional Gifts for Clients valuable products like Promotional Diaries, Corporate Calendars, watches, T-Shirt, File Folder. Our variety of impressive Promotional Gifts would help you in your day-to-day life to effectively utilize it till long run. We are certain that the Customized Corporate Gifts we provide will be of superior quality, as it also has a perfect aspect of value in it, the Promotional Diaries that we provide are of excellent quality and can be of great use for professional individuals. Our diary can be noteworthy; for each diary is a crucial manger of your time with formats that help you design your day efficiently. The compiled sections of essential information available at a glance would be of value & worth.

This festive season is a momentous opportunity for us to cherish and create business associations, as a result of which we are providing you the finest Corporate Gifting Solutions with all sound form of convenient yet Unique Innovative New Year Gifts, which would create everlasting feeling of joy and happiness. The best part about our Personalized Corporate Gifts we offer are 100% Eco Solvent products, these include sublimation mugs, sublimation pen with sublimation ink with no chemical extracts in it, which is very sustainable for use and not hazardous like ordinary plastic products . Read More


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Mindfleck Pvt Ltd is expertise in Web development and Web designing, that creates and designs new websites and restructures the existing sites according to the client’s requirements to suit the changing times.Our able and highly qualified team at Mindfleck Pvt Ltd understands and caters to your needs with utmost precision and meticulousness without compromising on your goals to entice the business world. Our forte is to focus on strategies and project guidelines in executing the most excellent functional websites. We at Mindfleck Pvt Ltd work on a variety of disciplines like Website Production and Website Maintenance. Our Web Services include Responsive Web Designing, E-Commerce Website Development, E-commerce Website Design, Payment Gateways, Online Payment Processing, PHP Website Development Services and Web Hosting Services. Our knowledgeable team is capable of creating maverick websites which help you leverage your business multi-fold, by using software coding languages like HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, JQUERY and JAVASCRIPT keeping in concern the compatibility with all the major social media platforms.Our competence is to develop quick loading and fully operational websites for our clients to enable them to conquer the virtual world as the online presence gives a synergistic advantage in this fast-paced world where everything is just a click away.

In addition to digital marketing service we also offer content development services such as product descriptions, blogs, and articles, with Search Engine Optimization techniques. Mindfleck Pvt Ltd has successfully partnered many corporate journeys across the world like the UK, Europe and India to say the least.We have triumphantly lived by their dreams every single day thereby have created milestones for their brands to reap benefits in the years to come. Read More


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Mindfleck Pvt Ltd., creates well-executed and well-contemplated high quality audio &visuals that showcase one of the most enthralling programs that would effectively stimulate interest in the mind of audiences. We create unique, classy, elegant visual with sterling quality copyright sounds. The uniqueness and creativity makes Mindfleck one of the best Corporate Film Makers in Bangalore. Task is conducted diligently with great efficiency to execute Excellency and creativity,our prime objective is to make the visual dynamic and joyous so that the audiences always have an everlasting positive impression. Mindfleck provides facilities to clients to create spectacular Recognition & Rewards award ceremonies and events acknowledging the commitment and focus of employees who have performed exclusively all throughout the year. Read More


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I had an awesome experience working at Mindfleck one of the best Ad Agency in Bangalore this creative Ad Film Making in Bangalore assures you the finest outcome for its innovational vision and excellent execution of results. I got very contented by their style of work, because they work in harmonious environment and resiliency from the very beginning till the completion of work to deliver you the finest results.

I had been searching for Best Marketing Agencies which would adhere to my need and requirement and Mindfleck turned out to be a perfect place because they focused primarily to increase the visibility of my brand as per my need and requirement. The best part is that their first and foremost priority is to analyze the need of the clients and then to adopt strategy accordingly as they diligently follow effective Strategic MarketingManagement. In Mindfleck work is accomplished with great enthusiasm and effective team spirit to execute results of par excellence.

My experience as a whole working with Mindfleck was very promising because they have worked vigorously and put in lots of effort and contemplation to bring out the qualitative result and also adopted Social Media Services which was very beneficial for us, also the inventive ideas and cordial working environment brought dynamic and productive effect and this helped to enhance our brand name and made Mindfleck an effective Digital Marketing StrategyAgency. I would also like to add that visual acuity and synergy of the entire team gave me perfect outcome and I was very satisfied by their job because my need and demand was considered appropriately.Read More


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In Mindfleck we provide our client’s with the best E-Commerce and Responsive Website Development Services as we design and form E-Commerce websites that look eccentric, are easy to update and provide you with all the tools you need to manage products, pricing, consumers, invoicing and much more. We design, develop and promote best practice of E-Commerce websites using Magneto application

The Online Marketplace Services in Mindfleck are top notch we guarantee to provide you with the finest Online Marketplace Services that are appealing and future-proof. Our websites are not just designed & creative its support full SEO (search engine optimization) in present best parties. We also incorporate all Keywords and Meta tag, Meta description & Google-site-verification helping the customer to search faster and easy in the web world. It’s all about engineering skills, keeping in mind the needs and demand of the target customers. In additionally to it, we integrate all type of payment gate depending on your bank and currency transaction an effective Online Payment Processing.

At Mindfleck we apply the leading-edge technology when structuring any websites, making sure the website is displayed appropriately to all those who vision it. Our individual approach to Web Designing offers a complete, the Web Application Development Service which makes you stand out from the mass. Right from the accurate conception to the complete formation, our Web Developers work meticulously to create the website you want, and one that precisely gives you ‘’phenomenal results’’. Our Website Developers can convert your website into a fully-fledged interactive sale platform by adopting the effective Web Hosting Services. Our Web Designers give the potential customers the first positive impression by Creating a Website which is not only eye catchy but also is innovative, fresh and technically sound for which we are among the best Web Designing And Developing Company. We take pride to provide you with the finest result of Excellency, as our skilled, experienced Web Developers have the ability to strike a special interest in qualitative Web Development Services. This instigates us to not only design beautiful websites but to also give them a solid pillar.Read More


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Mindfleck is a versatile and acclaimed Corporate Film Making Company. It is a group of skillful and expertise professionals working with passion to design new creative high quality, relevant Corporate Videos and Corporate Promotional Videos with a real effect on its composition. Corporate video Production for Business engages a lot of customers, as it is an audio- visual medium, since it connects to the emotions of people. Moreover, Company Video Film is an effective means of communication, has a mesmerizing effect this grabs the attention of customers; hence Corporate utilize exceptionally prevailing Business Video Shoot that enables to communicate about their business and develop prospective customers and new clients.

The Best Corporate Videos are deliberately produced at Mindfleck, through artistic skills and technical tools that represents the crystal clear competent film that reflects the company image, profile, recognition, and visibility. Corporate Film Production Team at Mindfleck has proficiency in creating effective Digital Film Production Videos with advanced technology that translates Business ideas into Audio- Visual medium of communication. And comprehends the prerequisites of Corporate, hence meticulously provides enhanced and advanced Good Corporate Videos that creates an accurate connection between a brand and their target audience. Business Film Making is an advanced creative way to get prominence in the Business digital era that increases the company value, Brand Awareness, and upsurges survival of the company.Read More


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Mindfleck Pvt Ltd is a team of creative, courageous, dynamic, determined Ad agencies in Bangalore. Performing effectively services in Advertising, Business Branding, Effective Strategy consultant, Media planning, PR (Public Relation) and Celebrity Endorsement, Event management and Digital social media, Mindfleck has hands-on experience in severing home base and international clients with a distinguished approach with best of diverse potential strategies and implementation. Mindfleck is determined to position its self as top Advertising agencies in India and Europe.

Mindfleck is multicultural company providing its services to renowned Pharmaceuticals, Top Multinational Banks, High-end Luxury Brand and Fashion Labels, Elite Rooftop Lounge Pub and Restaurant, Best manufacturers in FMCG. Exclusive Villa Builders, Ayurveda centers, 3D Dentist, News and entertainment channels. Mindfleck facilitates clients to progress brand image in the marketplace, shield customer loyalty and enriches company equity in a reputed manner. Mindfleck is best-recognized company for Brand management mentor and efficient Branding service in present trend.

The route to connect right audience with an exclusive Brandposition strategy using the right message with the perfect link of content, message and media platforms can set a fire in the market. Mindfleck creates that spark so that we become a challenging to competitors. Its all start from hunt of white space gap and idea generation with meticulously research, planning and developing strategy to build effective theory to reach out the audience. Our mantra, is give superlative hypotheses and ideas makes beat the competition in market. Mindfleck is unique and creative Advertising Agency to partner, that’s why we call “Thought that is different from rest”Read More


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In Mindfleck we design Events to create an opportunity that creates interaction, we are an exceptionally Creative Event Production and Event Management Company where we manage to produce tailor-made Events for a wide range of clients in India and abroad. We are a team of creative organisation that aims to deliver innovative services across wide-range of European countries like UK France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands,Switzerland, Greece also we have expanded our horizon to some other South Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok. We at Mindfleck combine pioneering tools and creativity through our innovative style of Event Management Plan that transform ideas and dreams into reality. We take pride on ourselves for planning Events that is mesmerizing and unforgettable.

Mindfleck has formed a huge variety of wonderful events for a host of clients working in all panache's of venues. We have in-house producers and technical staff that will work diligently with you in every step, right from efficiently planning it to delivery process. We combine hands on, personal approach with creativity, design and management to ensure you the finest delivery of Events, for which we stand among one of the best International Event Planning Companies.

In Mindfleck, we apply cutting-edge production services to deliver creative, profitable and memorable Events;our Event Management Business Plan has always been very efficient and effective as we have time and again deliver results of Excellency for our clients. Mindfleck just do not organize Events, we ensure we insert emotions in them so that our clients have an ever-lasting positive impression. We at Mindfleck strive to build solid understanding of the client’s objective and intention as well as the industry they function to style a compelling strategy and program me which will have a powerful ever lasting effects. Mindfleck is an expertise Corporate Event Management Company functioning across Europe and U.K. We take pride on our professional and dedicated team who work diligently to deliver Events of the highest standards. Read More


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Internships are a great way to get first-hand experience in an organisation, before you decide on making it a career. Internships are a necessity in the quest to find a job in present market scenario .However Good internship is challenging to get your hands on; for which students have to go through difficult situations finding the suitable internship program, as per their requirement & need. We at Mindfleck Pvt Ltd. have come up with the best strategic Internship programs for you, which would help Internships for College Students with no experience, to have valuable professional experience. Working as an intern in our Advertising Agency gives you hands-on specialized experience. We can assure when you Intern with us, you can derive a more intimate understanding of organizations and companies —and the people in them. With us you can learn, grow & develop your skills, for we provide you the best guidance through which you can attain broader insight to the real corporate world.

You can grab the perfect opportunity to build a strong foundation in the beginning of your career. With us you can become effective member of the organization and effectively contribute to the growth & development of our organization. The best Internships for College Students 2017 that we offer would be useful for integrating graduate talents and career interests keeping in mind our organizational priorities. Our organisations are constantly attracted to hire dedicated interns, will add value to the business and contribute to our organizational accomplishments & success. Read More


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Mindfleck Pvt Ltd. works with a well-knitted team with varied ideologies who functions in a synchronous way to attain results that correspond to the needs of the clients. Our team endeavors to achieve the PR goals of clients with tailor-made PR strategies. Mindfleck Pvt Ltd. is the finest PR agency in Bangalore which assists and meets the needs of publicity, crisis communication, reputation and issues management, with Effective PR strategies and Media Relations. We crack our best to manage our client’s requirements by understanding the spirit of their organisation.Our creative and unique PR, Advertising Strategies fetch us new clients on board and Mindfleck Pvt Ltd. assures to live it up with professionalism and work ethics.In today’s competitive Public Relations industry, Mindfleck Pvt Ltd. is pursuing to make a mark in the market,with the intense diversification's and integrated marketing and communication tools.

In this digital era majority of businesses with online presence now believe that Digital PR should be a priority, as more and more people are browsing the internet to find out information about a company and its services. Today, social media platforms are the most powerful PR weapons that constantly influence people’s perceptions, image and buying behavior. The clients need a stronger footing with regard to their Brand recognition, reputation and identity. Our PR Team is ubiquitous on all the leading social media platforms with the Best Online PR and Marketing services like Media campaigns, Media Monitoring, audio-visual content, Blogs, Web services and much more.Read More

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